Valley of the Androscoggin

The Valley of the Androscoggin confers the 4th through 18th degrees. To obtain the 19th through 32nd degrees (referred to as the Consistory degrees), you need to also join the Consistory in the Valley of Portland. The Scottish Rite is sometimes called the “University of Freemasonry” because it helps members explore the philosophy, history, religions, ethics, and ultimate truths that guide Freemasons’ lives.

Lewiston Lodge of Perfection

The Ineffable Degrees
( 4° – 14° )

This series of degrees includes the 4th° through to the 14th° and are referred to as the ineffable degrees. Ineffable comes from the Latin ineffibilis which means something that should not be spoken.

Auburn Council of Princes of Jerusalem

The Historical Degrees
( 15° – 16° )

The two historical degrees conferred in a Council Princes of Jerusalem cover the period from 538 to B.C. 516 they deal with persons and events connected with the end the Babylonian Captivity of Israel, the return of some of the captives of Jerusalem, and the rebuilding of the temple.

H.H. Dickey Chapter of Rose Croix

The Philosophical Degrees
( 17° – 18° )

These two degrees are designed to encourage a Scottish Rite Mason to examine his own life and find and apply the major truths outlined in the bible.

Maine Consistory

The Consistory Degrees
(19° – 32°)

The Consistory degrees are not offered in the Valley of the Androscoggin. Brethren usually join the Valley of Portland for these degrees.

News and Announcements

Maine Points: Children’s Dyslexia Center

Danny speaks with Thomas E. Pulkkinen, Chairman of the Board of Governors and Barbara Labrecque, Director with The Portland Children’s Dyslexia Center. In operation for over 20 years, is one of two affiliated centers in Maine and 45 in the northeastern United States dedicated to teaching children with dyslexia how to read. The two centers […]
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Portland Festival of Trees

Portland Festival of Trees 415 Congress St, Portland (next to City Hall) The Festival of Trees is the primary fundraiser for the Portland Children’s Dyslexia Center. As such, it is essential to teaching children with dyslexia how to read. We sincerely thank you for supporting our festival this year. Proceeds from this event support the […]
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Childrens’ Dyslexia Centers of Maine

I encourage you to take the next seven minutes to watch the video on our Scottish Rite Children’s Dyslexia Centers here in Maine. review this video We thank Sue Scacchi, Executive Director of the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation, and the very supportive Trustees of the MMCF for funding and spearheading this project that will greatly […]
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Living the “Rite” Way – Portland Children’s Dyslexia Center

“The time is always NOW!” It’s always a good time to ask ourselves, “Do I live the ‘Rite’ way?”  The 29 Scottish Rite degrees teach six core values: Integrity, Justice, Service to Humanity, Tolerance, Devotion to Country, and Reverence for God. They tell stories that take place over a span of 3,000 years and build […]
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